How To Avoid Car Repair Scams

There’s nothing worse than taking your car to a repair shop and getting unnecessary repairs. We all have stories or have heard stories about car repair scams that lie and overcharge on services. To avoid getting ripped off by a mechanic you should follow the tips below.

Tip #1: Always Check References – If you’re going to a new mechanic, be sure to do a little research. Try to find reviews about their work. Also see if they have any customer references on their website.

Tip #2: Get A Second Opinion – If something seems fishy or the repair estimate seems too high, get a second opinion. There’s nothing wrong with shopping around, especially if you’re spending a lot of money on a repair.

Tip #3: Ask To See The Problem – A good mechanic will take you out to your vehicle and show you the problem before doing any repairs. If a mechanic doesn’t show you the problem, ask them to show it to you.

Tip #4: When talking with your mechanic, check to see if they use parts made by the manufacturer.
For example if you have a Toyota, you would want to ask them if they use genuine OEM parts. These types of parts are specifically engineered for your vehicle, which improves performance.

Tip #5: Know what routine maintenance is required for your car. For more information, please see the Auto Service Repair page.

Following these tips will help you avoid getting car repair scams by a bad mechanic.