Double the Life of your Car

For all the people who want to keep double the life of your car – and make fewer donations to your mechanic while keeping the integrity of your parts, this is for you.

Cars are built to last far longer than people imagine. The difference between a rusty clunker and a pretty sports car is how the previous owners decided to take car of it.

The Average life of a car is about ten years. So, follow these tips to make sure your car lives up to its full potential in those ten years.

Bring your car in for routine service and maintenance. In the long run, it doesn’t cost. It saves money, frustration, and lives. For a list of recommended service and maintenance check out our Auto Service Repair page.

If you have a major repair, it’s smart to get three estimates before you make you decision. Don’t just go for the lower price. Go for the mechanic with the most experience, the best ability, and the best after-service care.

Make sure the car parts you use are genuine OEM parts. These are proven to last longer than other parts.

Read the owners manual. It can tell you so much information about your car, so make sure to keep it in a glove compartment or trunk.

In extremely slow or stop-and-go traffic, don’t ride the brake pedal. This will wear out your brake linings and waste fuel. It’s just best to shift into a lower gear.

Avoid driving when you are low on gas. Keeping the tank low increases the chance of water, dirt, and moisture getting into your fuel system.

Regular oil changes are the most important thing you can do for your car. This protects your engine and keeps it working longer.

Follow these simple steps, and you could double the life of your car while cutting down on maintenance costs.